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The Dream Team

 Tanya Packer

Founder & Designer

The inspiration for my books and collections come from working with families and young people for over fifteen years and from my love of classicly imaginative works like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Mary Poppins, Neverending Story, Bridge to Terabithia, Magic School Bus, and Labyrinth. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than to see a child's eyes alive with the magic of a book.  For more information about Tanya Packer's books, be sure to check out her author page:

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Designs by Gavin

Selling clothes featuring his artwork was a pipedream that began for Gavin in 2014—a dream that continued to percolate as life continued to happen. As a kid, he hadn’t been able to afford all the latest fashions and trends, nor did he really like or appreciate the styles of most graphic t-shirts, and had always wanted to create designs that he wanted to wear.

In his artwork, Gavin combines his love for nature and appreciation for the human body to fully capture all of the beauty that this world has to offer. To him, two of the most powerful things on this planet is the nature that provides for us and sustains us, and our bodies that house us and carry us around on life’s great adventure.

Gavin has had the privilege of living in 4 different provinces across Canada, and, having done multiple cross-country road trips, encourages everyone to explore all of the beauty, both in nature, and in humanity, that Canada, and the world, has to offer.


Disclaimer: Gavin, a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, recognizes that, as a white, cis male, he needs to use his privilege to uplift those marginalized in our society, and to create a safe, welcoming space for all people. His art is not meant to sexualize or render the bodies in his work as objects, and he approaches his art with the utmost respect for the beautiful bodies that he is portraying. If you have any concerns or questions about his work, have requests for certain representative groups you would like to see highlighted in future designs, or want to submit your own pictures for potential designs, feel free to contact him through the store email. 

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TW Designs and Quality

We would be lost without the lovely and talented TW. She is an integral member of the dream team who assists us with all our designs and takes part in quality control and testing out the merchandise. 

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 Author & Editor Bambi Sommer

Bambi is a writer of romance thrillers with heart, heat, & humor. An American woman on the highway of life breaking speed limits and flying over speed bumps. Be sure to check out her website for more information on her editing services or her books at:

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 Author Heather Lynn

Heather Lynn, born in Toronto, Ontario, lives with her family just north of the city. Her education in biology and health sciences has supported an ongoing interest in physiology and the potential of herbal healing. In addition, she has been intrigued by the possibility and impossibility of time travel since childhood.  When she's not writing, Heather enjoys family time, working in her garden, and learning more about the 'power' of stones.

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 Author H. M. Mills

Born in Manchester UK H M Mills sailed on the S. S. Australis in 1974 bound for Australia.
She graduated with a Diploma of Equine Industry Management, working in the industry & raised a family & menagerie of Horses, Dogs, cats, rabbits, ducks and guinea pigs, Now fur baby free she dedicates her time to her family and writing.

After a full and unbelievably chaotic life she moved to Northern Tasmania, an Island state of Australia, and a peacful place to pick up pen and paper and start writing. After writing her first novel (yet to be edited and published due to being of more personal nature) she went on to write Lord Have Mercy' the second book written to completion, though it is the first to have been published. Mercy on Your Soul is the sequel to LHM and was released on the 2nd of March 2021. She is currently drafting book 3 in The Mercy Aymes Series and editing a stand-alone novel and has several other works in the pipeline to share in the not-too-distant future.

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 Author Helena M. Craggs

“I live with my husband, son, three cats, chickens and two dogs in the beautiful hills of Yorkshire. I love crystals, Reiki and angels. I’m a little bit obsessed with witchcraft too, but don’t tell anybody (my high priestess can be a bit grumpy ?) I lead a pretty uneventful life, but as an introvert, that suits me fine. Friends and family are my focus, as well as my fur babies.

I’ve always been an avid reader. There’s nothing better than snuggling down with a glass of wine and a good book and visiting faraway lands. Out of everything I read, and I read a lot, I have a weakness for the freedom that fantasy offers.I especially love YA fantasy. Reading and writing are synergistic for me. I can’t do one without the other.

The Younglings is my first published book, and it is the result of a promise I made to my sister before she passed; to please publish one of my manuscripts. I’ve written my whole life, and as a small girl, told whacky, fantastical stories to my two younger nephews. About ten years ago, I decided to write these stories down and now have an unpublished middle-grade series sitting in my study. Around four years ago, I was chatting to my sister about my new idea—The Younglings. My sister was like a second Mum to me, and, as a talented artist herself, she was completely supportive of my hobby of writing. When she became terminally ill, she made me promise to publish The Younglings. After a year or so of grieving, I decided to fulfil that promise and share my book with the world.

I truly hope you love goofball Quinn and the team as much as I have loved writing about them.”

Helena M Craggs.

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 Author Kelly Miller

Award-winning author Kelly Miller is a native Californian and Anglophile, who made her
first visit to England in 2019. When not pondering a plot point or a turn of phrase, she can
be found playing the piano, singing, or walking her dogs. Kelly Miller resides in Silicon
Valley with her husband, daughter, and their pets.
Kelly’s blog page is found at, her Twitter handle is @kellyrei007, Instagram:, TikTok: @kellymillerauthor, and she is on
Facebook: www.facebook.Author.Kelly.Miller

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Designs by Suri 

Suri is a Canadian artist who resides on the west coast. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, she moved to Alert Bay in 2015. The island-inspired a different view and a new interpretation of her art. Since then she has made Langford, BC her permanent home. She resides 45 minutes outside of the capital city of Victoria. Her surroundings have morphed her art into something organic. Her studio is located in her home. It is her sanctuary and where she can be found opening canvases into adventures.

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 Outlander Akitas

Julie's goal is to be the breeder she would want to get her dog from. She keeps in touch with all the families that buy puppies from her and this is mandatory. She wants to know what is going on and wants to be there to help when needed. Her previous puppies have all grown up to be amazing dogs with amazing temperaments. Yes, this is due to her breeding amazing tempered dogs and raising her puppies using PC techniques. But it is hugely because of the families she has chosen for her dogs. She is picky and knows who is a fit for her dogs right off the bat. She is really good at reading people even over e-mail and phone and is not scared to say no to anyone she feels isn't right for her dogs. Her dogs are her world and never get retired to new homes they will always retire with her. She does work with rescues to help them place dogs and owners who contact her for help so sometimes she does know where to get an adult Akita if that is the route you wish to take. She offers no health promise with these dogs though. She looks forward to talking and meeting anyone interested in an Akita. She does ask if you are looking into the breed but plan on another breeder please contact that breeder you SHOULD be comfortable with them and they SHOULD have the answers you need and want. She is here every step of the way and gives A LOT of her time and energy to her puppies and their families so please don't waste it.    

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